Welcome and thank you new children and families!

25We accept children between 2 years and 6 years old. The first step in our admission process is to visit our school. We encourage parents to tour our school during school hours to see children and teachers at work. Individualized tours are available by appointment.

Please let us know if you have any specific questions or concerns. We try to schedule tours so that each family has their own uninterrupted time to get answers to any questions they may have.
We look forward to meeting you soon!

Program & Hours

Regular Program 8:40 AM ~ 2:30 PM
Full Day Program 7:30 AM ~ 6:00 PM


Tuition Details
Payment Schedule
Tuition payments are due on the 25th of each month (August 25 – July 25)

  • First Tuition Payment Date: August 25
  • Last Tuition Payment Date: July 25

Payment plans begin one month prior to the start of the school year per Bambini policy. This also allows for those who have elected to attend Bambini summer programs leading up to the new school year not to have double tuition payments during the month of August. Even though your last tuition payment is made on July 25, your child will still attend Bambini through the last day of school in August,

24Extended Care
Extended Class is also provided.